MEP based at Glasgow

We have a small group interested in basing a Twin Engine aircraft at Glasgow International Airport.

The group includes MEP instructors so training would be available.

The shares would be approximately £8000. Regular contribution is estimated to be £100 per month with a wet rate per hour of £200.

If you have a serious interest, please register your interest.

Looking forward to 2022

After our first year of welcoming GA visitors to Glasgow International Airport, we are looking forward to 2022.

We hope to see an increase in the number of new visitors. This will obviously be affected by any new Covid restrictions.

There has been a wide range of visitors and the feedback has been extremely positive. We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future.

With increasing fuel prices and airport charges, we have revised the pricing for visitors. The new prices still offer excellent value for pilots looking to use the facility.

Do you know you can base your aircraft at Glasgow for as little as £99.00 + VAT? If you would like to find out more simply email for further details.

We hope you have a happy and prosperous 2022!

Start planning now for your trip to Glasgow

Now is the time to start planning your trip to Glasgow.

While current Covid restrictions prohibit visits we are getting closer to the time when we can start to welcome fellow aviatiors. We are ready to help ensure your visit to Glasgow is a good one!

Whether you are simply keen to add Glasgow Internation Airport to your logbook during a quick visit or take some time to visit the city, we will be happy to ensure you can park up and be ready for your departure at your convenience.

Remember to register online ready for your visit. You only need to do this once to cover you for any future visits.

We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow.