Welcome to Freedom Aviation

Glasgow Flight Centre was delighted to support 5 visiting Piper PA28’s from Freedom Aviation.

4 of the the 5 aircraft were captures by one of the members of Glasgow Airport Spotters Group. G-CLEA was the 5th one which managed to slip in unnoticed!

The group of aspiring commercial pilots arrived on their last leg before flying home to the south. It was a quick comfort break and refuel for the visitors. For us, it was the first ‘real’ visitors making use of the new services at Glasgow Airport.

The aircraft were booked in using our PPR form the day before. The process was trouble free and the airport were aware of the visit beforehand.

While there were no real issues, we identified a few areas for improvement. The main one being to ensure pilot wear a yellow jacket when they are out of the aircraft.

We look forward to welcoming more as the restrictions are relaxed in the coming weeks.